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DBS Scholarship

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A DBS student is eligible to apply FGU Buddhist Studies Scholarship ("DBS Scholarship" hereafter; guildlines and application form below), provided that s/he meets the necessary criteria (e.g. academic achievement, chore duties,etc.). A B.A. student may receive the scholarship for the maximum period of four years, M.A. student two years and Ph.D. student two years (but may apply for additional Ph.D. research grant). 

The amount of the scholarship is sufficient to cover tuition and most  room & board during  semester time.

Please note that a student is responsible for his/her own room & board during holidays. Application for DBS scholarship opens after the commencement of each semester and a successful applicant will receive the scholarship around the time of mid-term. 

Students may find room and/or part-time jobs at Fo Guang Shan or Buddha Museum during winter and summer holidays. For information on work permit in Taiwan, please see here or EZ Work Taiwan website

English Guildlines:Fo Guang University Buddhist Studies Scholarship Regulation  This is an image

Scholarship Form:Fo Guang University Buddhist Studies Scholarship Application
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