Date Title Category
Repaying Debts or Returning Favors
Dean’s 112-2 End-of-Semester Address to the Entire College
Second Buddhist Interpretation Workshop: Conveying the Wisdom of Dharma Announcement
Workshop: Migrants' Buddhism and Guanyin Cult in Yilan: Exploring Local Buddhist Beliefs Announcement
Congratulations! Our MA graduate of class 105, Jeffrey Liu, has been appointed as an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of History at the University of South Dakota, USA. Announcement
郭朝順院長談「持戒入禪勤精進」Observing Precepts and Entering Meditation Diligently Announcement
Japanese "Yogachara Buddhist Dictionary" Translation Workshop Carrying on the Great Legacy of Buddhist Classic Transmission
112-1 Semester-end Assembly
Words of Encouragement from the Dean"
Abiding in Impermanence and with Gratitude"

Guest Lecture: “On the Sutra of the Divine Spells of Great Auspiciousness: image-making and ritual practices in religious space” by Prof. Lidu Yi (Florida International University) Announcement
Assistant Professor Juen Chien from the Department of Buddhist Studies was invited to deliver a speech at Ghent University in Belgium. Announcement
Visit to the Fo Guang Buddhist College by the Kolkata Tze-Chi Center, Fo Guang Shan International Buddhist Association Kolkata Chapter, and Distinguished Guests. Announcement
“The Kindness and Sharing of Friends”
Dean’s Talk at the 112-1 Semester Opening Assembly  By Dean Prof. Chao-Shun Kuo
Completion of the Buddhist College Japanese Buddhist Text Translation Workshop Announcement
Buddhist College Japanese Buddhist Literature Translation Workshop Cultivates Japanese Translation Talents Announcement
Unforgettable Journey to Hsi Lai Temple in the United States as an International Volunteer in the Summer of 2023 Announcement
From the Dean: semester-end talk Announcement