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Practice Courses

Practice Courses
The practice courses consist of “Buddhist Practice” and “Community Living”. The academic goals of Department of Buddhist Studies (DBS) include the character building of our students in addition to the acquiring of knowledge which aims to foster academic talents and cross-disciplinary talents.

The course structure consists of four main groups:

1. Life and Culture SeminarThis is an image
A series of Life and Culture Seminars will be held every semester. Lecturers outside of DBS and DBS graduated students will be invited to share their expertise. 

These seminars are organized with the purpose of providing guidance to our students in their career planning and the ability to connect with the working society.

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2. Basic Knowledge of Buddhism
Professional teachers will be engaged to conduct classes on Buddhist Practice and Buddhist Culture. Students will pick up knowledge and skills such as common Buddhist terms usage, Dharma instruments, Puja ritual, Puja set up etc.

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3. Practical Practice
►Life Aspect:
Students will pick up individual and group learning skills through community living, dining and studying.

 • Community Living: All DBS students will be granted hostal stay and are responsbile for the dormitary common area cleaning and maintenance. 
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 • Community Dining: All students, on a rotational basis, are in charged of cooking and dining service. Our international students get to enjoy different international cuisines and cross-cultural exchanges.

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►Religious Aspect:

Buddhist practices of 15 minutes of morning and evening chanting (Monday to Friday) are incorporated into the structured and disciplined lifestyle.
Every first week of the winter and summer holiday, students will get to experience 7 days of meditation (Chan practice) or chanting of Buddha’s name (Pure Land practice).  

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4. Service Opportunity
Students have the opportunity to share their knoweldge and skills for the DBS community by joining one of the following six groups: 
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a. DBS Student Association
b. Bodhicitta Service Group
c. Press & Public Relations
d. Performing Art
e. Library Management and Cataloging