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Our M.A. degree program has two tracks: Chinese-track and English-track. The English-track program is instructed in English.

However, to meet the growing demand of Chinese-speaking students who wish to study Buddhism in English, starting from the fall semester of 2022,  we will offer bilingual courses that students of either Chinese-track or English-track may take. 

This is an image佛教學院的碩士班課程分為中文組與英文組,英文組是全英文授課。然而,有許多中文組的學生表達希望能以英文學習佛教學的意願。因此,從111-1學期開始,我們將增設雙語課程、將強佛教學翻譯課程,中文組與英文組的同學皆可選修。