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Transport Directions

Directions to Fo Guang University
It takes approximately 3 hours (bus transfers, etc. included) to get from Taoyuan International Airport to Fo Guang University.

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From Taoyuan International Airport:
  1. Take a bus or Taoyuan Airport MRT to Taipei Main Station (台北車站). The bus company Kuo-Kuang offers this service at an affordable rate.
  2. Upon arrival in Taipei, go to  Taipei Bus Station (台北轉運站) (about 15~ 20 min.of walk). 

From Taipei Bus Station (台北轉運站):
  1. Within Taipei Bus Station, go to the Kamalan (葛瑪蘭) ticketing counter on the 4th floor. Buy a ticket to the Jiaoxi (礁溪) Bus Station ("jiāo xī zhuǎn yùn zhàn" in Mandarin Chinese) Board the bus on the 4th floor near the ticketing counter. 
​Direct Airport Bus:
  • From 2019 onward, there is the option of direct bus from Taoyuan International Airport to Jiaoxi Bus station (#1661, ubus).
  • From Jiaoxi Bus station, you can take FGU shuttle bus to Yunshui Building at Fo Guang University. 
  • Bus #1661 has four stops in Yilan County; make sure you get off at Jiaoxi Bus Station ("jiāo xī zhuǎn yùn zhàn" in Mandarin Chinese)
  • Bus #1661 ticket counter at Terminal 2 of Taoyun International Airport ticket counter at Taoyuan International Airport - Terminal 2

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Alternative routes to Jiaoxi Bus Station:
  • Capital Bus from City Hall Bus Station (MRT City Hall) to Jiaoxi Station.
  • Taiwan Railway reaches Jiaoxi (from stations throughout Taiwan) Website:

From Jiaoxi Bus Station: 
  1. .Once at Jiaoxi Bus Station, you can wait for FGU shuttle bus that will take you directly onto campus (NT$20).  The waiting area for FGU shuttle bus is outside of Hi-Life convenient store where you will see a small sign reading 佛光大學(Fo Guang University).
  2. Deposit NT$20 (exact change) upon boarding the bus, and get off at 雲水軒(YunShui Buildingpinyin, YunShui Xuan).
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Campus Map
The College and Department of Buddhist Studies is situated in Building No. 9 (雲水軒) Yunshui Xuan   

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