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Application Qualifications

BA Program:  
Applicants must have an strong interest to learn and ability to stay in the department dormitory. All classes for the BA program are conducted in Mandarin Chinese.  

MA Program: 
Applicants must have a strong interest to conduct research and are able to reside in the department dormitory. From academic year 2012 onwards, the MA program has had both Mandarin Chinese and English tracks.  Local applicants need to undergo an interview (not required for international students).  For those students who do not have the basics of classical Sanskrit, Pali, Tibetan or Classical Chinese, they must make the appropriate make up classes taught from the Department at BA level.  (Just one canonical language required.)  
PhD Program: 
Basic qualifications are interested young men and women, who are able to live in the Department dormitory. Students also need to provide proof of good academic ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing in Chinese. 
How to Apply

There are four ways to apply, depending on one's status:
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