Carefree- the Opening Ceremony of B.A. class 107 Graduation Exhibition 

  • 2022-05-10
  • buddhist網站管理員
The Graduation Exhibition of B.A. class 107 opened in the exhibition hall of the main Library on 9 May 2022. FGU President Ho Jow-fei, FGU vice-President Fu, DBS Dean Prof. Kuo and many other dignities’ attended the Opening Ceremony.

Class 107 chose ‘carefree’ as the theme of their class. President Ho reminded the students to be grateful of those who have helped them achieved their study. Dean Prof. Kuo pointed out in his speech that the concept ‘carefree’ in Buddhism is not something given but a process, a process of continuously letting go attachment and defilement.

This year’s works included podcast, a novel, a pilgrimage guidebook to Indian holy places, puzzles, ceramics arts, an embroidery of the Heart Sutra, etc. The exhibition will be open for a week.

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