My study experience at FGU

  • 2021-03-19
  • buddhist網站管理員
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Dear friends and future students of the Department of Buddhist studies at Fo Guang University (FGU),

My name is Aizhamal (Kyrgyzstan) and here I would like to share my experience of applying and studying at this wonderful university.

First, I would like to explain the reasons of why I decided to study Buddhism and why I chose this program and university. For many years, like many people on Earth, I had been suffering because of various inner conflicts, anxieties, dissatisfactions with myself and with my life. Futhermore, because of the above mentioned things, my mental sufferings began to turn into physical ones. For instance, as a result of various inner conflicts and anxieties, I often had tremors and headaches. At that time my life became a heavy burden for me without any joy or happiness. After unsuccessful attempts to resolve above mentioned problems and sufferings with the help of modern medicine, traditional medicine, and even with the help of a psychotherapist, the only way out seemed to be to study the Buddhist philosophy and learn meditation. Therefore, I began to search for a suitable program and university for me. To be honest, I was interested in practical side of Buddhism and meditation. However, since I did not have any background in Buddhism, as well as I did not have any idea of what a monastic life is, I could not just take and leave for a Buddhist monastery, where I could study and stay. So I searched for such a program and university, where I could study Buddhism academically and in practice. Also, since I did not have my own funds to cover my studies my choice fell on the Department of Buddhist studies at FGU, which offers generous scholarships to it's students. Applying and admission were quite easy and fast.
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Secondly, I would like to tell that at FGU students can study Buddhism academically living in such an environment similar to a monastic. That is, in addition to various academic lectures and conferences held by highly qualified scholars, there are morning and evening chantings, meditation sessions and retreats. In the Department of Buddhist studies at FGU, students eat vegetarian food and lead a healthy lifestyle avoiding various intoxicants. Also, time to time they participate in various activities aimed at the wellbeing of society. Thus, students have an opportunity to see Buddhism in practice. In terms of infrastructure and conditions that FGU provides, it has a beautiful campus overlooking the ocean, located in a beautiful and safe area. Additionally, big library with rare books, comfortable dorms, two wonderful vegetarian restaurants and a beautiful shrine hall provide an excellent opportunity to study and practice of Buddhism.

Thirdly, back to my own experience of study and practice of Buddhism at FGU, it became one of the best adventures that I have had in my life. Because it transformed me and opened to me the inner peace and happiness that I was searching for in my life. Futhermore, people at FGU and the environment greatly helped me to become aware of the negative habits of mine and cultivate wholesome, pure, kind, sincere, responsible, wise and constructive habits. 

To sum up, the Department of Buddhist studies at FGU offers all necessary conditions for study and practice of Buddhism, as well as for improving oneself for the better. I hope many of you will be brave and take this opportunity to study Buddhism and have a journey through Dharma. Also, I wish you all, no matter who you are, where you are and what you are doing, to live the Life as much as possible without serious sufferings, peacefully and happily.

Good luck to all of you!
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