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example of a Service Activity Report

Feedback of Cooking Activity  

Submmited by Purna Barua 

Cooking has always played a vital role in practicing Humanistic Buddhism in our daily life. It’s bringing people together and nourishing both the body and soul. Like last semester, this semester every weekend I have given cooking service to a group of international students in the Hai Jing Lou building by making Bengali cultural food like Sweet rice (in Bengali call, Payesh), Sobji (mixed vegetable), Somosa, Singara, tomato soup, Dal soup and so on.

Besides, I  teach  my  international  friends  how  to  make  Bengali  food.  Everybody  has  enjoyed  and appreciated me they have eagerly learned cooking of new food.  The benefits of my cooking activity at our dorm, it’s so much healthier than outdoor food, organic and nutritious, and gives me a chance to be creative, bring people together, have fun, and exchange cultural food, and language with others. It’s not just a food for being healthy but also an altruistic practice, offering, and building a good brotherhood relation.  

However, it was a marvelous experience for me and other students too. In addition, it was a good  chance  to  earn  merits  for  the  next  life.  Below  I  have  attached  some  pictures  of  this activity.