2022 Study Week 

  • 2022-05-11
  • buddhist網站管理員
The week of 2~6 May was the Study Week at Fo Guang University.

During this week, all regular lectures were suspended, and instead, every department devised its own unique studying program for the students.

At DBS, three days of program was planned. However, out of the concern for covid prevention, outings and the annual friendship sport competition with the Department of Buddhist Studies,Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts were cancelled. DBS students participated the Study Week within the campus.

Throughout the three days, exotic cooking competition, special lectures, graduate students’ forum, and classes in creative writing, phone-video-making, banquet planning, bodhisattva-sketching, etc. took place. DBS students were busy but happy to learn something different from their usual in-class learning.

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