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Travel & Visa Issues

Travel & Visa Issues

Important:  Please note that ALL visitors who enter Taiwan under the visa-exempt program or on a landing visa are NOT allowed to change their resident statuses in Taiwan.

 here for a list of countries that are eligible for visa-exempt entry to Taiwan provided by the National Immigration Agency.
Additional information on visas, click here, and on authentification of documents required for visas here

Students coming to study at Fo Guang University's College of Buddhist Studies MUST make sure that they are NOT entering Taiwan with a visa-exempt entry.  Please first check the list of visa-exempt countries provided by the National Immigration Agency to see if the country of your travel document is eligible for visa-exempt entry into Taiwan. If it your country is eligible, you MUST first apply for a Student Visa with your nearest Taipei Cultural and Economic/ Representative Office.  

Click here for a list of  Taiwan Embassies, Consulates, and Missions Abroad provided by Taiwan's Government Information Office.  
Please contact the Consular Division for student visa application (procedures and requirements may vary depending on the office), and note that you MUST enter Taiwan with the Student Visa.
**If you enter Taiwan with a visa-exempt entry, you will have to LEAVE Taiwan to change your status. 
Last Updated: July 30, 2018