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Why study Buddhism at FGU?

 Why study at the Department of Buddhist Studies at Fo Guang University?  

The main reason that most of our students come to study here is that they want to deepen their understanding and practice of Buddhism.  While there may be many monasteries around the world where one can practice as a monastic, not many of them provide formal education.  Those institutions that do provide formal education often do so in the local language, that may take years to master before getting to the Buddhist content.  Or, if one studies at a university program, tuition fees can be very high, and such programs will seldom have any practice element.  So, what is one to do?  

At the Department of Buddhist Studies at Fo Guang University, we provide the best of both worlds: the highly trained teachers and instructors that you need to develop a deeper understanding of Buddhist thought and practice, and also a living and study environment that is designed for the Buddhist practitioner.  To top it off, we provide scholarships that cover tuition, room and board 
during the semesters (if staying in the departmental dormitories and met other requirements), so that you don't have to save a fortune or go into debt to study here.  Additional awards are also available for application if students perform well academically, have financial difficulty or need to participate in conferences.   

Yes, it's one of the best options you'll find anywhere for the study of Buddhism as a practitioner or budding scholar.  If you have any further questions, please contact us, we'd love to hear from you!