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Yunshui Residential College

The objective of College of Buddhist Studies is to intergrade academic studies and life education. While engaging in academic pursuit, we wish students can also cultivate morality and wholesome personality, and most importantly of all, nourish a meaningful life.  
       Through Life Education seminars arranged by Yunshui Residential College, students may nurture passion for learning non-academic knowledge. Through working together in chore practice and extracurricular activities, students may enhance their ability for team work, communication, compassion, leadership and responsibility. At Yunshui Residential College, even mundane daily activities can be a practice of mindfulness, and the realization of Mahayana spirit of “benefiting oneself and benefiting others”.
       Some part of the Life education is from the existing courses such as Practicum Component.  The Life education program is accounted for one credit and compulsory for the 1st~3rd year B.A. students and 1st year M.A. students. Please see the table below for more. 

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