Cross-Disciplinary Workshop for Teaching & Research: Buddhist Studies & Psychology-- First Meeting

  • 2020-08-28
  • buddhist 網站管理員

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The first meeting for “Cross-Disciplinary Workshop for Teaching & Research: Buddhist Studies & Psychology” took place on 20 August 2020. 

By the invitation of Prof. C.S. Kuo of Buddhist Studies, the participants included Chairperson Prof. J.C. Yuan (Dept. of Psychology, Fu Jen Catholic University), Prof. W.Y. Lin (Head of Academic Affairs, Fo Guang University), Prof. Wan (Dean of College of Buddhist Studies, Fo Guang University) and other faculty members of Dept. of Buddhist Studies and Dept. of Psychology, Fo Guang University.

Prof. Kuo outlined the possibility of cross-disciplinary cooperation in terms of teaching and research for Buddhist Studies and Psychology. Prof. Lin encouraged the participants to engage in more cross-disciplinary cooperations. Dean Prof. Wan stated that it is a 1-3 years of academic plan sponsored by the Center of Buddhist Studies, and beginning with the cross-disciplinary cooperation with the Dept. of Psychology, the Center looks forward to establish a platform for more cross-disciplinary dialogue with other departments at Fo Guang University. 

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