Pali For Beginner-  summer intensive course 2020

  • 2020-08-28
  • buddhist 網站管理員
The summer intensive course of “Pali for beginner” concluded on 20 August 2020. The six weeks (24 units) was taught by Prof. Friedrich Grohmann. The syllabus includes basic grammar, Pali  pronunciation, readings of Metta Sutta and Jataka tales.  etc. Students were required to take in-class quizzes, notes and recitation of texts. 

 A total 23 students from both undergraduate and postgraduate levels attended the course. In the Dept. of Buddhist Studies, there are Sanskrit courses taught by Prof. Y.M. Choong, Japanese and Sanskrit courses taught by Prof. I.B. Chen, and Tibetan courses taught by Prof. S.Y. Lin. However, to enhance students’ linguistic ability for Buddhist studies, Dean Prof. Wan made a speical inviation to Prof. Grohmann to teach the summer intensive Pali course, and despite of the long journey to the College of Buddhist Studies and the summer heat, Prof. Grohmann agreed. The students were deeply grateful of Prof. Grohmann for  his kindness and the efforts he made for the intensive course. 

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