Cheng Wei-Yi
Name Cheng Wei-Yi
Office Tel No. 27214
Research Field 性別與佛教、宗教社會學、當代佛教文化 (Gender and Buddhism, Sociology of Religion, Contemporary Buddhist Culture)
Forum 0
Job Title Associate Professor
Current Course BU51100 學術論文寫作與研討Ⅱ(Academic Writing and Colloquium Ⅱ)
BU36600 東西方宗教生死觀(Life- and- Death Views of Eastern and Western Religions)
BU64900 當代佛教議題(Topics in Contemporary Buddhism)
CB43900 畢業專題 Ⅱ(Capstone Project Ⅱ)
Year Paper Title
2018 鄭維儀, Transitioning the Vietnamese Ullabama Festival to Taiwan, Transnational Religious Spaces Religious Organizations and their Interaction in Africa, East Asia and Beyond, 德國, , 2018-12-12-2018-12-14
2018 鄭維儀, Transnational Buddhism in Taiwan — the cases of Sri Lankan and Vietnamese Buddhism, Association for Asian Studies_annual conference, 美國, , 2018-03-22-2018-03-25
2017 鄭維儀, Humanistic Buddhism and Volunteerism, 「人間佛教的經濟與管理文化」論壇, 香港, , 2017-08-26-2017-08-27
2017 鄭維儀, Buddhist Nun as Agent of Change: the story of bhikkhuni Pu Hui, 15 th Sakyadhita International Conference on Buddhist Women: Contemporary Buddhist Women: Contemplation, Cultural Exchange and Social Action, 香港, , 2017-06-22-2017-06-28
2017 鄭維儀, Buddhist Debate on Marriage Equality in Taiwan, Buddhism in the 21st Century- Perspectives and Responses to Global Challenges and Crisis, 印度, , 2017-03-17-2017-03-19
2017 鄭維儀, Buddhist Debate on Marriage Equality in Taiwan in 2016, Nava Nanlanda Mahavihara, Bihar, , 2017-03-17-2017-03-19
2016 鄭維儀, Social Media and the Image of Buddhist Nuns: the controversy over the Tzu Chi in 2015, AAS (Association for Asian Studies) Annual Conference 2016, Sheraton Seattle & Washington State Convention Center, , 2016-04-01-2016-04-03
2015 鄭維儀, Buddhist, Gay and Living with HIV/AIDS - two life stories from Taiwan, Sakyadhita: International Conference on Buddhist Women, 印尼日惹, , 2015-06-24-2015-06-24
Country School Name Department Degree Duration
School of Oriental and African Studies, The Study of Religions 博士 博士 2000.09 ~ 2004.12
Leeds University Theology & Religious Studies 碩士 碩士 1999.09 ~ 2000.07
York University (Ontario Canada) Sociology 學士 學士 1995.09 ~ 1998.11
Experience Category Organization Title Job Title Duration
專任 佛教學系 副教授 2017.08 ~ 2021.07
專任 佛教學系 副教授 2016.08 ~ 2017.07
專任 佛教學系 副教授 2015.08 ~ 2016.07
玄奘大學宗教學系 副教授 2005.08 ~ 2015.07