C.M. Adrian TSENG
Name C.M. Adrian TSENG
Email cmtseng@mail.fgu.edu.tw
Office Tel No. 27213
Research Field 中世紀漢傳佛教史、中國佛性論、佛教與中國思想交流 (Chinese Buddhist thought of medieval China, The concept of buddha-nature of Chinese Buddhism, An intellectual interaction between Buddhism and Daoism from the 3rd to the 10th centuries)
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Job Title Assistant Professor
Current Course BU68200 如來藏思想研究(Tathagatagarbha Buddhism)
BU33800 法華經導讀(Guided Readings in the Lotus Sutra)
BU31400 天台宗研究(Tiantai School)
Year Paper Title
2017 Chih-mien Adrian TSENG, The Influence of the Concept of One Vehicle in the Lotus Sutra on Jizang’s Discussion of Universal Buddha-nature, The 22nd Annual International Lotus Sutra Seminar (ILSS), 東京, , 2017-06-27-2017-07-01
2015 曾稚棉, “湛然的無情有性說與玄學的交涉” (An intellectual interaction of Zhanran’s discussion of insentient things having Buddha-nature with Arcane Study), 漢傳佛教青年學者論壇, 台北, , 2015-06-26-2015-06-27
2014 曾稚棉, “An intellectual interaction of Jizang’s discussion of buddha-nature with Arcane Study”, 2014東亞佛教思想文化國際學術研討會, 台北, , 2014-10-31-2014-11-02
2012 Chih-mien Adrian TSENG, “Why do insentient things have buddha-nature?: A re-examination of Jizang’s claim”, American Academy of Religion (AAR), Chicago, , 2012-11-17-2012-11-20
2011 Chih-mien Adrian TSENG, “A comparison of buddha-nature and Dao-nature before the Tang Dynasty”, XVIth Congress of the International Association of Buddhist Studies (IABS), 台北, , 2011-06-20-2011-06-25
2010 Chih-mien Adrian TSENG, “A re-examination of the meaning of buddha-nature as seen in the Mahāparinirvāna-sūtra”, American Academy of Religion (AAR)-Eastern International Region, Ottawa, , 2010-05-07-2010-05-08
2010 Chih-mien Adrian TSENG, “A re-examination of the meaning of buddha-nature as seen in the Mahāparinirvāna-sūtra”, 2010 North American Graduate Student Conference in Buddhist Studies, Toronto, , 2010-04-09-2010-04-11
Country School Name Department Degree Duration
McMaster University 宗教學 博士 博士 2007.09 ~ 2014.11
University of Toronto 宗教學 碩士 碩士 2003.09 ~ 2005.11
University of Toronto 宗教與數學 學士 學士 1998.09 ~ 2002.06
Experience Category Organization Title Job Title Duration
專任 雲水書院 辦公室主任 2018.09 ~ 2020.07
專任 佛教學系 助理教授 2017.08 ~ 2021.07
專任 國際暨兩岸事務處 主任 2016.09 ~ 2018.07
專任 佛教學系 助理教授 2016.08 ~ 2017.07
專任 佛教學系 助理教授 2015.08 ~ 2016.07
漢學研究中心漢學研究中心 外籍學人 2014.08 ~ 2014.12
University of Western OntarioKing's Coll 講師 2013.01 ~ 2013.04
McMaster University 助理 2012.09 ~ 2013.12
McMaster University 助教 2008.09 ~ 2012.04
McMaster University 助理 2006.09 ~ 2008.06
University of Toronto 助教 2005.09 ~ 2005.12
University of Toronto 助理 2005.09 ~ 2006.04