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International Students

A great proportion  of students at DBS (College and Department of Buddhist Studies) are international students.  As of year 2018, there were students from 15 different countries: mostly from Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, Malaysia and Hong Kong, but there were also students from India, Europe and South Africa. International students study and live alongside with local students. It is a very good way to experience Chinese culture. 

While B.A. and Ph.D. students can only have their courses in the Chinese, M.A. students may  enroll in the English-track program; that is, instruction conducted in English. 

Although DBS is not a language-teaching institute, students of M.A. English-track program are taught to read the Chinese sutras, i.e. the basic skills of reading classical Chinese. There are sometimes extra-
curriculum  classes of Chinese language which provide international students with the opportunity to learn modern Chinese. 

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